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Business Management
Successfully managing your own business requires the assistance of companies and suppliers who know your business and are interested in your success. Take advantage of these NAIFA Preferred Providers to grow your practice.

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10 Things You Need to Know About NAIFA Membership

  • Membership in NAIFA is for individuals only.
  • You can join as an Active "Licensed" Member, or as an Associate Member
  • You can pay dues electronically by EFT from a checking, debit or credit card account
  • You can pay dues monthly or annually
  • There is a service fee for monthly accounts of $0.50/month
  • You can sign up electronically on the NAIFA website or download an application form
  • You must attest that you will abide by the NAIFA Code of Ethics
  • You must be approved for membership at a Local level
  • Membership in NAIFA is a "unilateral" agreement You may cancel your membership.
  • Investing in a NAIFA membership will be the best ROI you can ever earn on your dollars.

NAIFA Colorado Monthly EFT

Chapter Member Dues
NAIFA Arkansas Valley $ 38.42
NAIFA Colorado Springs $ 42.08
NAIFA Colorado Statewide $ 44.25
NAIFA Denver $ 46.25
NAIFA Northern Colorado $ 42.92
NAIFA South Metro $ 43.42
NAIFA Southwestern $ 46.25