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Find e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of NAIFA-Colorado employees.

Carl Larson
Click here to contact Carl Larson Executive Director

Cell Phone Number (970) 302-4315
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Cindy Petersen
Click here to contact Cindy Petersen President

Cell Phone Number (970) 210-9000
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Kathleen Owings
Click here to contact Kathleen Owings President-Elect

Office Number (719) 475-0448
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Jennifer R. Fanning
Click here to contact Jennifer R. Fanning Immediate Past President / Government Relations

Office Number (970) 224-4285
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Bruce Murphy
Click here to contact Bruce Murphy Treasurer

Office Number (303) 289-9737
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Coy Tuck
Click here to contact Coy Tuck Secretary

Office Number (719) 634-6400
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Deborah Tanner
Click here to contact Deborah Tanner SWLA Chair

Office Number (720) 929-0900
Cell Phone Number (303) 466-1500
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Bob Ross
Click here to contact Bob Ross National Committeeperson

Office Number (303) 771-1722
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Shelley Rowe
Click here to contact Shelley Rowe State National Committee person

Office Number (303) 254-5401
Fax Number (303) 254-5491
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Darin Parks
Click here to contact Darin Parks Membership Chair

Office Number (720) 708-5942
Cell Phone Number (303) 862-9312
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Karen Ketcham
Click here to contact Karen Ketcham Arkansas Valley President

Office Number (719) 336-5550
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Dave Simon
Click here to contact Dave Simon NAIFA-Denver President

Office Number (303) 837-1119
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Terje Whitmore
Click here to contact Terje Whitmore Northern Colorado President

Office Number (970) 416-7795
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Marci Reece
Click here to contact Marci Reece South-Metro President

Office Number (303) 904-6444
Cell Phone Number 3 (003) 809-4135
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Terri Will
Click here to contact Terri Will NAIFA-Southwestern President

Office Number (970) 884-0552
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Travis Wendt
Click here to contact Travis Wendt Colorado Springs President

Office Number (719) 220-0827
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Bob Ballard
Click here to contact Bob Ballard LILI Moderator

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Bob Avery
Click here to contact Bob Avery LILI Moderator

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Jimmy Alexander
Click here to contact Jimmy Alexander Producers Advisory Council

Office Number (719) 269-3223
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Becky Brothers
Click here to contact Becky Brothers YAT Chair

Cell Phone Number (904) 483-7714
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Kevin Ross
Click here to contact Kevin Ross Government Relations Chair Colorado

Office Number (970) 867-8980
Cell Phone Number (970) 381-5172
Fax Number (970) 867-0355
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Brian Lacey
Click here to contact Brian Lacey NAIFA Colorado

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Daniel Schneider
Click here to contact Daniel Schneider YAT

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Brent Jones
Click here to contact Brent Jones State National Committee person

Office Number (720) 251-4241
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Sarah Dennis
Click here to contact Sarah Dennis YAT Chair South Metro

Office Number (720) 389-6857
Fax Number (720) 240-4808
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